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We provide complete hearing diagnostic solutions to our patients. We provide complete hearing test facility. Hearing tests like BERA, ASSR, Impedance Audiometry, Pure Tone Audiometry, Special Hearing Test. Speech Therapy.Cochlear Rehabilitation.

Shop On Kart is the leading hearing aids dealers in India. We are best hearing aids company and offer branded hearing aids on affordable prices. We are working closely to improve the quality of life the speech and hearing impaired persons. We aim at providing the best service available to people with hearing problems.


Buy online the best hearing aids, hearing machine in India on cheap prices at Shop On Kart.


Our goal is to provide a best solution for everyone with hearing problems. Bernafon hearing aid, Widex hearing aids, Siemens hearing aids & Phonak hearing aids are some of our branded hearing aids.


We seek to reach out to every such person with hearing problem and to rehabilitate them so that they can enjoy a good quality of life.


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