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Wireless technology plus Bernafon hearing aids equals SoundGate 3 – the sophisticated link between our solutions and Bluetooth®-enabled wireless devices.

Hands-free mobile phone use. With SoundGate 3, using your mobile phone is easier than ever because your phone’s signals are transmitted directly to your hearing aid, thus guaranteeing very clear and natural sound. Even if your device is not Bluetooth® compatible, you can still benefit from superior sound quality since SoundGate 3 is equipped with a direct audio plug-in (DAI) facility.

 Minimal noise interference. By muting the hearing aid microphone, SoundGate 3 eliminates all background noise, enabling you to fully enjoy the sound of your chosen audio source (e.g. MP3 player, mobile telephone etc.).

Advantageous all-rounder. SoundGate 3 discreetly manages program and volume changes, thus replacing an additional remote control.


The perfect duo. With the SoundGate App, Bernafon goes beyond the usual controls of a hearing device. Switching programs, turning the volume up or down, and connecting to multiple devices have never been so easy and certainly not so discreet.

The SoundGate App is for use with iPhone® (SoundGate App supports iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4), in combination with all Bernafon wireless hearing aids and SoundGate 3.

You can download the SoundGate App for free.Go to appstore.com/bernafonsoundgate.

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