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Bernafon Sound Gate Mic

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Clients have maximum flexibility when controlling the SoundGate Mic via SoundGate 3. With an overall weight of only 13 grams, the classic black design, and six hours of constant talking time, the SoundGate Mic is a light and discreet yet

Dining at a restaurant, sitting in a car, or listening to a presentation can be very challenging listening situations for your clients. For these environments, Bernafon has expanded its range of wireless accessories by adding the SoundGate Mic. This newest accessory is a small microphone that can be worn by the chosen speaker. Coupled with the SoundGate 3, the speech signal is transferred directly to the hearing aids. The transmission range between the SoundGate Mic and the SoundGate 3 is up to 15 meters (49 feet), making conversations and listening from a distance clearer and easier.

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